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Steger Service LLC
9200-9201 Manchester Road

St. Louis, MO 63144

(314) 962-5604



For over 50 years, Steger Service has provided motorists in the St. Louis, MO 63144 area with comprehensive auto repair services that include General Automotive Services including repairs for Cars,

Minivans & Trucks.  Undercar Services like brakes, tie rods, struts, shocks, Exhaust and Alignment.  We are

Certified, Trained, and Highly Skilled with repairs on Engines and Transmission, Engine Maintenance and Tune up, Transmission Services, 4x4, Transfer Case Services, Heating and Cooling Services, Air Conditioning Services,  Electrical Services Such as Alternators, Batteries and Starters, Electronic Services Such as Engine Sensors and Dash Repair And Much More....

We Specialize in Import and Domestic Cars, Minivans and light duty Trucks. We Accept All Fleet General Services, Fleet Engine Work, Fleet Brakes, Fleet Tires, Fleet Electrical, Fleet Electronics, Fleet Suspension Work, Fleet Drive Train, Fleet Front End Services, Fleet Wheel Services and Fleet Trailer Work.


Our goal is to offer the best services available at affordable prices to get you back on the road in no time. 

You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our auto mechanics and Technician specialists provide!  We are experienced working on both domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models and we pride ourselves in our willingness to work within your budget to find the most cost-effective repair and maintenance solutions. 

For a high-performing vehicle, Try us out and you will find why we have so many clients that trust Steger Service  with their car, truck, or minivan.


We hope to see you at Steger Service, 9200-9201 Manchester Road!!!

please contact us by phone at (314) 962-5604 or send us an email. We also invite you to learn more about our dedication to you, our valued customer.

Sometimes it's hard to know when your car just needs a break and when it needs a mechanic. By being proactive when you notice something amiss, you may save yourself a lot of money and trouble by getting it diagnosed early! Our technicians are here to assist you in diagnosing potential vehicle malfunctions. 

Do you have good sense? We bet you do! Use your SENSES to determine whether you should bring your car by for one of our professionals to inspect. 

Do you FEEL anything out of the ordinary? 
Some experiences that customers who have needed an automobile mechanic have in common are:

  • Front-End Shimmy

  • Steering Wheel Shake

  • Unusual Vibration


Do you HEAR anything different or unique? 
Some common sounds that warrant a visit to your mechanic are:

  • Clunk or Clunking

  • Noise When Turning

  • Clacking

  • Clicking

  • Chickachicka

  • Squeak or Squeaking

  • Leaking Air Sound


Do you SEE anything new or questionable? 
Some common problems you might see are:

  • Unusual lights

  • Leaking

  • Flickering

Do you SMELL anything funny?
Some common smells that mean your car may need a repair shop are:

  • Gas

  • Oil

  • Burning


Stop by Steger Service, 9200-9201 Manchester Road St. Louis, MO or call (314) 962-5604 to talk to one of our friendly and professional technicians. 

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