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I have a 2003 Mazda Miata with only 38,100 miles on it. I am VERY particular about my car, and don't let just anyone work on it. My car was due for a safety and emissions inspection, and, after reading reviews, decided to take my car here for both inspections. It is walking distance to my work, which made it very convenient, and as a bonus, my grandfather was a long-term Steger customer and was always very pleased. Within an hour of dropping my car off, I had a text message with the inspection results, and even photos of the various tests they performed on my car. I have never seen this service anywhere else They told me that the brake fluid was getting close to end of life, but didn't need to be done that day. I elected to have it done, which only took another extra hour, and they still had my car back at the end of the day, as promised. The cashier (I'm very sorry I didn't catch her name) noticed that I had a AAA card while checking out, and let me know about future discounts I can get there as a AAA member. I got to my car, and was thrilled to see it just as clean as it was when I brought it in. So greasy fingerprints anywhere, no spilled fluids under the hood, etc. Pricing was very reasonable for the brake fluid service as well. I do a fair amount of my own work on my car, such as oil changes, detailing, etc. but will be taking my car to Steger in the future for larger tasks I can't or don't want to tackle myself. If I could give them a 6 out of 5, I would.

- John Hanson

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